What is Alexa Setup?

When anyone talks about the Alexa Echo device. The first thing that they think about is the Alexa Setup procedure. The process of setting up an Echo is called Alexa setup. Though this process has many long steps. But they are not as difficult that we think. Steps, like downloading Alexa App, Connecting Echo to power, Signing into Alexa Account and connecting Echo to Alexa App and internet, are some major steps that we need to do for setting up Alexa device.

To start with the Alexa setup procedure you will need to have a few things by your side. The first is the Alexa Application. This application is available on the app store of your phone for free. You can download it from there. Second, Check your internet router and it’s a wireless network for speed and connectivity. If it’s having any speed and connectivity issue. Then, you will need to optimize your internet router first. The third thing you need to have by your side is an active Amazon account.

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How To Setup Alexa?

Alexa SetupIt doesn’t matter either it’s normal or prime. But make sure you have its login credentials with you to log in to the Alexa App. These things are mandatory for setting up Alexa device. Now you will see how Alexa Setup procedure takes off and works in the steps you see below. Closely imitate them to complete the Echo setup process.

  • Open the App Store and download Amazon Alexa App after searching for it in the lookup/ search bar of that App Store.
  • Now, Tap down the ” Open” button to get your Alexa turn on and login to the Alexa Application with your Alexa/Amazon Account sign-in credentials.
  • Confirm your Identity and Allow or disallow permission according to your usage and skills you are going to add with your Echo.
  • Now, Alexa App will provide you a quick tour of all functions and features of the Alexa Application.
  • Quickly rush towards the devices ” Devices” tab you see on the bottom of your Echo setup screen.
  • Tap on the plus button you see on the right-top of your Alexa setup screen.
  • Choose down the ” Amazon Echo” >> Tap on the name of Echo Device you have >> Choose the generation of your Echo by checking it on the Echo box.
  • Insert the Adaptor of your Echo to the power outlet and turn it on. A blue light will start to circulate.
  • An orange light telling you that your Echo is in the setup phase will appear upon your echo.
  • Choose the preferred language for your device. For example English, Spanish, etc.
  • Rush towards the wifi settings of your phone by swiping down on your screen from top to bottom and tap on wifi settings and check for your Echo device network there and link your phone and Echo App with it to fulfill Alexa Setup.
  • After connecting it, Connect Alexa To WiFi by choosing out your home’s wifi network and filling down its security key or password.
  • Follow down each and every prompts Echo App shows you to complete the Echo Setup.
  • A demonstration video will stream for a minute before you on the Alexa App screen.
  • Now, you can try to give any command or simply say hi to your Echo device to check how it responds to your voice command.
  • If it gives you the answer to what you ask from it. Then, it’s working.
  • Now, add skills and change its settings according to your usage and enjoy the whole world of echo setup.

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How To Turn Off Alexa?

If you really want to To turn off your Alexa. Then, You will need to press down and keep the mic button pressed for at least 10 seconds. For turning off your Alexa device for 10-15 seconds. Your Echo will start to show you the red ring light indication. When you see it. Then, you should understand that the listening powers of your Alexa gadget are turned off. Now, Alexa will not listen to what you say before it until you turn it on. Another way to turn off the Alexa is to turn off the main switch available at the power source to stop the power supply.

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Alexa Setup Problems?

Alexa SetupThe main Alexa Setup problem happens while peopleĀ connect Alexa To Wifi. In most of the cases, This problem happens because of network and wifi connectivity issues. In this problem, Alexa doesn’t connect to the wifi because of weak internet connectivity and connection. Now we will discuss the things you can do to solve all kinds of problems you get in connecting your Alexa device to the internet network.

  1. Check out the wiring arrangement of your internet router and its modem and reconnect all the wires after turning off your router and modem. Now, restart these devices. This will help you in this problem.
  2. Launch your Alexa after turning it off and try to connect it with wifi again. This tactic is useful when your Alexa is not connecting to wifi in any way.
  3. Be careful while inputting the security/password key of your wifi network to connect Alexa to wifi for fulfilling the Alexa setup. WiFi password is always case-sensitive so use it carefully.
  4. It’s our recommendation for you to locate your Alexa away from all interferences near your router and modem away from all solid object which blocks the internet signals.
  5. Restore your Alexa to the factory default settings if you don’t see any of the given solutions work for you. If you don’t know about it. Then hold down after pressing the mic off and sound down button for 10 seconds. You will see ring light indication changing from orange to blue and then turning off.
  6. Get in touch with the person who knows about how to set up Alexa and how to connect Alexa to wifi and how to complete the Alexa setup process.

The above-mentioned tactics will help you when you stuck up in any Alexa setup issue and problem. We recommend you to read this full article. Perform Each and every step very carefully to complete the Alexa setup. Enjoy the new world of automation just by placing their voice instructions before Echo or Alexa voice assistant. It will fulfill and complete all their given works in fractional seconds of time.

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