Alexa App For PC

We all have seen the rise of smart devices and gadgets in the last decade. Alexa Echo Comes among the most loved smart gadgets all around the world. As it’s very easy to download Echo App and install it. Alexa Setup is the last and main step which lets us complete all the setup. It’s all easy on smartphones. But, demand for the PC version has started to increase from 2018. After that Microsoft decided to come up with Alexa App for PC version. So that people could use the application on their computer devices as well. Now, this application is easily accessible and available to download on the Microsoft store.

You will need to look out for Alexa App for PC or Alexa App for windows 10 PC in the Microsoft store’s search bar and install the application. Though it’s functioning and working is a bit different from the Alexa Application we all use on our smartphones. So, you need to install Alexa App for PC. Then, launch it to move forward in the Alexa setup process. Basically, Alexa App is only available for Windows 10 computers. It is not accessible on Windows 7 computers. If you do have windows 10 PC by your side. Then, you are on to start the setup process.

How Can We Download The Alexa App For Windows 10 PC?

Alexa App for PCIf you are curious about downloading Alexa App for windows 10 PC. Then, You can proceed with it after checking out a few things. The first thing to check is the wireless web network. Check out if it’s active and functioning fast. Connect Your PC to the WiFi web connection once you are confirmed that it’s functioning well. Second thing, You need to have a brand new version of windows 10 operating system configured on your PC. We advise you to create an Echo Account in advance before starting the Alexa App for windows 10 PC download.  When you have these three main things. Then, go on to download Alexa App for windows 10 PC.

Downloading Alexa app for windows 10 PC:-

  1. Download the Alexa app from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store or launch the pre-installed app on your  PC which has Alexa already in-built into it.
  2. After downloading the Alexa app for PC. Launch the Alexa App on your Windows 10 computer.
  3. Sign in with the Echo account. In case, If you don’t have that, at that point, you can prepare one at for yourself.
  4. After signing in, the Alexa app for windows 10 will request you to authorize the access to your microphone, so that it could receive your voice command.
  5. Click on the  “Continue” button+ and afterward follow the subsequent steps to complete the Amazon Alexa App setup. At that point, several other prompts will also come in your way. Just give their answers according to your conscience.
  6. Now, If you want the add an Echo device to the Alexa app for PC. Then, Tap on the top left menu pan.
  7. Go to the Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and there you will find a link of Click on that link, sign in with your Alexa account and click on the ‘Customize Alexa’.
  8. Afterward, a new window will open. Then click on the ‘Set up a new device’ and follow the next steps to fulfill the Alexa setup.

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How To Download Alexa App For PC Windows 7

As you have seen the minimum requirements to install the Alexa app for PC. This means that the Alexa app is not compatible with Windows 7 PC. To use the Alexa App for PC. You will need to meet the said configuration. Your Alexa can not be associated with the PC having windows 7. But, You can open the Alexa web app and configure your Echo device with its help. That is how You can Access Alexa App for windows 7 PC. Follow the steps to do that.

Download Alexa App for Windows 7 PC

  • Alexa App For PCConnect your computer to an effective internet connection.
  • Open a web browser and visit through its search bar on the top.
  • Sign in to your Alexa Echo account. If you don’t have it, Then, “create a new amazon account”.
  • If u have already associated an Alexa device to your Echo Account. Then, You can add another or new Alexa, by going to the ‘Settings’ option and then ‘Set up a new device’.
  • Follow the next steps to connect the new Alexa. If you are a new user to the Alexa device and have a new Alexa account. Then sign in to the Alexa App for Windows 7.
  • When you sign in into your Alexa account, a button will be visible to you by the name ‘begin set-up’, click on that.
  • There will be a list of Alexa devices. Select your device to install Alexa App for PC.
  • Select the language of your Alexa.
  • Plug-in your Alexa to power or electricity. There will be a rotating blue light on the ring (in case of Echo Dot). Hang tight for a moment.
  • Exactly when the blue light changes into orange light or press the Action Button having a symbol of a dot (.) for six seconds, the Alexa will say “Now, it is in set-up mode. Follow the instructions in your Alexa App for PC”.
  • Return to your computer and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Now, go to the Wi-Fi settings and the name of your Alexa device is listed in the Wi-Fi device list. Connect the Alexa to your computer.
  • “You are connected, Now go back to the Alexa App” will be the sound coming from Alexa. Return to the computer and click on the ‘Continue’ for examining Wi-Fi.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network which will give web access to Alexa.
  • ‘Preparing your device’ will be noticeable on the top of the screen and a loading bar will show up.
  • When it gets completed, Alexa will say “This device is ready” and the rotating orange light will vanish. Pose any question to the Alexa to test it. These are the steps to link Alexa to any computer.
  • This is the way in which you can install Alexa App for windows 7 PC.

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