Have you bought a new Alexa device? You can easily download Alexa app from the website. Just type in your search bar. Alexa gives an answer to questions, set timers, play the radio, and give you a weather forecast. You can also use many smart home gadgets with Alexa. If you live in the united kingdom or the united states can sign in into their Amazon account and set up the Alexa device they have. You can Easily download the Alexa app on your Android phone by just going to the google play store app and search for the Alexa app.  just check whether you are using at least 10.0 or Advanced Android version running on your phone to access all Alexa app features.

You can download the Alexa app on your iPhone & iPad from the Apple app store. Alexa performs hundreds and thousands of tasks with the help of an Alexa app.  Alexa performs various functions. Firstly, you need to state “WAKE” to alarm your gadget. Be that as it may, you can change the wake word whenever to something different, for example, Echo or Computer., Alexa can understand various languages, for example, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian. The Main Advantage of the Amazon Alexa app is that it can provide a great deal of time for you. Even You don’t need to type everything on the internet browser. It gives us a small web interface to set up a considerable lot of the perfect gadgets, for example, the Echo Show, Echo sub, Echo Dot Device. Alexa app is accessible in various variations. apps perform a variety of different tasks and things by getting voice commands from its users. For example Microsoft Cortana, OK Google, Siri, etc. But Alexa Amazon has a slightly better than all other virtual assistants mentioned above. you can easily download Amazon Alexa app easily

To begin the setup process, you need to be ready with these things:

  • Firstly, Make sure that you have Good Electricity efficiency after then plugged into the power source outlet.
  • Internet Router with Wi-Fi capability (make sure that you have your Wi-Fi network’s name and password)
  • An amazon accounts along with complete login details.
  • PC/Mac Desktop/Laptop or Smartphone/Tablet.

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How To Turn on your Echo device

To begin with, you need to turn on the echo device. Plug the included power adapter into the device and then plug in the AC adaptor in the power outlet. Turn on the electric switch to start the power supply. Once it’s plugged in, the Echo ring light will start to circulate and blink the blue ring light. (the artificially intelligent voice assistant that powers Amazon’s smart speakers) will greet you. Once it’s on, you will hear your Alexa saying, “Hello, your Echo Device is ready for setup.”

 Here are some simple and easy steps you need to keep in mind are as follows:

The device should be placed at least eight inches far from any walls and windows. There could be many obstacles in the physical form near the device which may cause an issue with its connection. The device should be placed somewhere, from where it could connect to the internet easily via

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How To Connect Amazon Echo to The Wireless network?

Now, you need to connect the amazon echo to a Wi-Fi device from

  • Go To The main menu of
  • Open that main panel on the left of the computer screen.
  • Choose to proceed with the “Setup A New device” option.
  • Select or choose your Echo and its language.
  • Press down and tap on the continue button when orange light displayed in your Echo.
  • Choose “Amazon XCV” or a similar network from your computer wifi settings panel or available wifi networks.
  • Choose your network from the list of networks and connect with it using its password.
  • Select Connect.
  • Follow instructions and watch a video to complete this setup on

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Once you log in to the Amazon account.  you will be asked to “Enter Amazon Account Info” which will be followed by two text entry boxes, one for entering your email address and another for your password.

Now, at this point, you either have to put in your Amazon account details if you already have an account. Create a new account, if you do not have an account. If you already have an Amazon account. Then, enter the email account’s address associated with it and enter your account password. However, if you do not have an amazon account, you would need to create one mobile on your PC. Then, follow the above-mentioned procedure. Once you have done with the Registration Process. Read through the terms and conditions and then, agree and tap on the register.

How To Choose a device name?

Now, you have to name your device and then you would be able to proceed. For that, you can use the built-in touch keyboard. Later on, if you want to change the device name, you can also do that. You have to follow the process shown below:

  1. Open the
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines next to “Home” in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “Settings” from the menu.
  4. Select the device for which you want to change the name. If you only own one, this process will become easy for you.

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How to Get Started?

If you want to give voice commands to your Echo, say the wake word, which by default is “Alexa.” Then start giving your commands to the device and enjoy it while it does everything you command it to do. The best part is the Alexa recognizes you and your voice and will hear your commands from any corner of the room. Even if there is a TV or music playing in the background. Then, Alexa will be able to hear your voice and work for you. Still, if you want to avoid confusion related to the wake word of your echo. Then, you can change the wake word by simply telling the Echo, “Alexa, change the wake word.” You can also change the wake word manually by opening up the Alexa app, tapping help and feedback, and selecting change the wake word.

Customize your Echo

Once you have downloaded the app and done with its setup. Now, you can now open the app or visit the Once you open the app and press the Menu button in the top left corner, then select Alexa Devices and your Echo by tapping on its model name. Here, you can customize your device’s various features and functions like location, wake word, background, language, sounds, and more.

You can also turn on Do Not Disturb, which disables notifications, and Follow-up Mode, which allows you to ask questions without repeating the wake word. Echo Settings let you customize clock face, cards, brightness, etc. When you change the Echo Clock, you can change the clock face from available designs or you can upload your own clock faces. Echo also allows displaying the cards like slides to display a bunch of information.

This is for the customization of the device only but to make the best use of it. You can even use the Amazon Alexa app to connect additional smart home devices to your Echo and account. Then, you’ll be able to use your Echo device to turn on the lights, make a coffee, turn on the TV, and much more. Explore its various functions: Now, simply talk to the Echo by asking questions or giving commands. If the Echo recognizes your questions. It will give you a verbal response, display the result, or simply perform the task.

Play Music

Playing music through the Alexa speaker is the most fun thing you can do. You can just name the song and Alexa will start playing it from your library.

Watch Videos on YouTube or Amazon Video

You can start watching TV shows and movies via YouTube or Amazon Video. To access YouTube or any other platform just command the device to do so and you will everything right in front of your eyes on the screen. You can control video playbacks by verbal commands, such as “play”, “pause”, “resume.”

Use it to make a Phone Call or Send a Message

For voice-only calling or messaging, you can use the Echo Show to call or message anyone that has a compatible device (Echo, smartphone, tablet) that has the Alexa App installed.